Fuchs RHL 860

Unwavering stability: The rock-solid undercarriage, featuring 800 mm flat shoes, forms a quadrangular base, enabling the unit to handle large loads in all turning directions.

Good outlook: A pylon with a total height of 3.3 m makes it possible to reach an eye level of up to 10 m – an ideal characteristic for port operations, where being able to see over the sides of vessels and into cargo holds is necessary.

Large dimensions: A reach of 18 m and an operating weight of 67 tonnes provide large working radii, the ability to handle large loads, and an excellent daily volume capacity when handling materials.

Low costs: The machine’s efficient electric drive keeps energy costs down to a minimum. In addition, the unit is much easier and cheaper to maintain than its diesel engine counterparts.

Versatile and flexible: Whether a cactus grab, a load hook, or a different attachment – attachments can be quickly changed to deal with the material being loaded, making the unit ideally suited to the flexibility involved in port operations.

Fueling is a thing of the past: Not having to stop for refueling increases productivity. Moreover, a 60-m cable reel and a plug-and-socket connection enable the machine to travel to different locations of use.

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Læsseudstyr Op til 18 m
Driftsvægt 67 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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