Fuchs MHL 355

A perfect mix: The superstructure and equipment are those of the MHL350, providing the machine with a working radius of up to 16 m – all supported by the undercarriage of the next larger model, the MHL360, with a larger stabilization footprint.

Stable while stationary – quickly on the go again: The machine is perfectly stable even at the limits of its max. load capacity. This makes the unit much more dynamic when used in mobile operations.

Elevated operation: Upon request, the cab can be raised by 1.0 m with a rigid mechanism. This improves the operator’s view when space is tight and when feeding material into high-wall containers.

Sophisticated load management: In line with the machine’s structural characteristics, the intelligent load management system, featuring sensors and an overload shutdown mechanism, increases the load limit within close range considerably.

Making work fun: The comfort cab, which comes with air condi tioning and a back-friendly operator seat as standard, ensures fatigue-free and comfortable operation together with the ergonomic layout of all controls and a high-resolution text display.

Customized standard: The combination of two standard models for the superstructure and undercarriage means that the use of special-purpose parts is kept to a minimum. This helps ensure efficient maintenance and quick spare parts procurement.

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