Fuchs MHL 850

Hardened for scrap yard operations: With an operating weight of 34 tonnes, a working radius of 16 m, and versatile grab and attachment options, the MHL850 is perfect for scrap handling environments.

Breathtaking torque: The hydraulic system’s main drive provides a solid 132 kW with the enormous torque typical of electric motors. Additional motors with a total output of 22 kW are flexibly switched on and off for additional operating functions.

Heat-free: The machine can barely be heard when working indoors and shines due not only to its zero-emission design, but also to its extremely low aheat buildup levels. This help keeps temperatures comfortable even on hot days.

Cost-effective workhorse: No refueling stops. Low operating and maintenance costs, plus all the advantages of the nearly identical diesel engine model.

Fast and precise: Thanks to a high-performance hydraulic system and a cleverly engineered control system, fast, precise, and smooth maneuvers can be carried out even under large loads.

Fully equipped: Useful extras available upon request include air-conditioned and heated seats, a bulletproof glass window, and ball valves on the dipperstick.

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Motorkraft 132 kW
Læsseudstyr 16 m
Driftsvægt 34 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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