Fuchs RHL 380

Powerful versatility: With an operating weight of 70 tonnes and a working radius of up to 22 m, the RHL380 X-trac is a versatile powerhouse that can be used for recycling operations, mining projects, and other demanding assignments involving bulk materials.

Way up on top: The machine can pile up material to a maximum height of 13 m at a reach of 22 m. This eliminates the cumbersome approach of using several small excavators at different levels.

Wide track shoes: Flat shoes with a width of 800 mm are optionally available, and enable the machine to gently move on soft and sensitive surfaces.

Custom attachments: The machine can be equipped with custom grabs adapted to the specific loads being handled in order to maximize handling efficiency.

Intelligent limiter: Special sensors can limit the grab’s reach according to the load chart. This makes it possible to prevent load-related errors when working with large handling volumes.

Fuel efficient: Despite its sheer power, the machine has extremely low fuel consumption levels, which lengthens the time between refueling stops and lowers operating costs.

Everything in plain sight: The height-adjustable cab with large windows gives operators an outstanding view of their area even in difficult work environments.

Excellent service: The Fuchs global service network ensures that customers will always be able to count on reliable service and fast spare parts procurement on any continent.



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Driftsvægt 70 t
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Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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