Fuchs MHL 885

Service weight: 73.5 tonnes

Motor: The MHL885 D is powered by a highly effi cient electric drive unit, enabling enormous energy savings. The main drive delivers 250 kW, while the total machine rating is 280 kW.

Cab: The operator cab features continuous hydraulic elevation. It is compliant with all the latest safety regulations and is fitted with armour plate glass, guaranteeing maximum protection for the operator.

Projection: The cranked box boom offers a maximum length of 22 m.

Operating radius: Enormous operating diameter of up to 44 m.

Undercarriage: The large stabiliser plates ensure maximum stability, even at the furthest point of projection. The MHL390 undercarriage is deployed here.

Attachments: Clamshell grab with a volume of 1.2 m3.

Handling material: Scrap and bulk bags

Material handling volume: 150 t scrap / 450 t bulk bags per hour

Cycle times: 17 s for scrap and approx. 22 s for bulk bags

Operational safety: All access ladders are ergonomically designed and meet the latest engineering standards. This ensures a high level of operational safety when mounting /dismounting and when accessing the maintenance platform. Each access ladder is individually checked on the machine by BG-Bau [German statutory accident insurance association for the construction industry].

Machine options: Supports can be up to 1.4 m and boom up to 24 m. Machine also available with diesel engine. Crawler undercarriage, port lift cab concept.



Motorkraft 280 kW
Læsseudstyr Op til 22 m
Driftsvægt 73.5 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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