Fuchs MHL 350 Pylon

Elevated: A pylon is installed between the undercarriage and superstructure, making it possible to work at an eye level of 6.5 m. This provides operators with a better line of sight when feeding scrap shears or loading high-wall containers with material.

High-flyer: Materials being handled can be lifted further upwards and swung over and beyond obstacles. In addition, piling height limits are increased as well.

Clever linkage: The superstructure’s raised position enables the boom to be lowered further away than with the standard machine, benefitting the machine’s linkage.

Proven features: The machine’s specifications – operating weight of 34 tonnes, reach of 16 m – are the same as those of the standard MHL350 model. It also goes without saying that the standard unit’s legendary robustness and durability characterize the special-purpose model as well.

Not just for one single customer: Equipping the standard model with a pylon makes the MHL350 the ideal machine for a number of special requirements, which is why this specialpurpose model is used by numerous scrap and recycling businesses throughout the world.

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Læsseudstyr 16 m
Driftsvægt 34 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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