Fuchs RHL 880 XL-TRAC

Service weight: 95 tonnes

Motor: The RHL880 XL-trac operates with a highly efficient electric drive which saves an enormous amount of energy compared to diesel engines. The main drive delivers 250 kW while the total machine rating is 280 kW.

Cabin: Driving position: 12 m above ground. The seating position and controls in the cabin are highly ergonomic.

Projection: The maximum projection of 23 m and the stable base are extremely useful, for example when forming stockpiles.

Stable base: A special crawler undercarriage with integral support has been developed for the RHL880 XL-trac. Thanks to its extra large support base, the machine is perfectly stable.

Running gear: 800 mm wide flat steel shoes spread the weight with care.

Cycle times: The high torque of the electric motor, together with the extremely powerful hydraulic system, enable very short cycle times.

Mobility: The machine can be positioned anywhere thanks to its 70 m cable reel. The special twin cable reel allows standard size cables to be used which makes life much easier when spare parts are required. Thanks to a plug-in connection, the machine can be relocated in next to no time.

Reliability: The electric drive means there is no need for time consuming visits to the filling station, and the long maintenance intervals make the motor far superior to diesel engines.

Access system: All access points have been carefully secured and are approved by the BG BAU [German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention for the construction industry].

Undercarriage: The undercarriage is 7 m high, though this can be adapted to suit customer requirements.

Attachments: 1.50 m3 clamshell grab.

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Motorkraft 280 kW
Læsseudstyr Op til 23 m
Driftsvægt 95 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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