Fuchs MHL 365 Pylon

Top position: In addition to the 1.4 m-high pylon, the cab is raised by an additional 0.5 m, providing an ideal view of the general area and an optimal line of sight into machines when feeding scrap shears (for example).

Ready to perform: With an operating weight of 56 tonnes, and a working radius of up to 18 m, the MHL365 is ideally suited to deal with large handling volumes at scrap yards and recycling centers.

Wide support: The larger undercarriage provides for a high degree of stability even under large loads. Moreover, the fact that the undercarriage is the standard component belonging to the next larger model range means that spare parts can be quickly procured if necessary.

Practical assembly aids: The clevises on the superstructure enable it to be quickly placed back on the undercarriage with the help of a crane after the 1.4-m pylon is transported as a separate module.

Flexible access: The safe catwalk system (certified by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association), which can be provided as a folding system upon request, does not make the machine any wider. This makes it easy to maneuver even when space is highly constrained.

Feels natural: The intuitive joystick steering system makes it easy to carry out handling maneuvers quickly and with laser precision.

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Læsseudstyr 18.0 m
Driftsvægt 56 t
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Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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