Fuchs MHL 350 HD

Service weight: 38 tonnes

Transporting heavy loads: The enlarged undercarriage with fitted trailer coupling and extremely wide-profile tyres allow heavy loads to be moved quickly and securely.

Elevating cab: The cab with hydraulic lift can be raised to 6 m above ground level, giving a perfect view onto the surrounding work area. This facilitates safe and rapid working.

Drive unit: The drive unit is equipped with energy feedback and reversing block. This provides the machine operator with maximum driving comfort. In addition, this feature also protects hydraulic components, transmission and axles. Equipped with powershift transmission as standard.

Undercarriage: The undercarriage is specially designed for trailer use, while also providing excellent stability when stationary.

Maximum projection: 16 m straight or cranked – with optional Live Heel loading system.

Axles: The integral diff lock enables the machine to move easily through woodland and across very uneven ground. In such situations, the torque is transferred to the tyre that offers the most traction.

Pulling power and speed: With an exceptional pulling power and speeds of up to 20 km/h the MHL350E HD is both very powerful and extremely mobile.

Tyres: Single pneumatic tyres with very large diameter are fitted as standard. Tyres are precisely matched to the customer‘s requirements: From tarmacked surfaces to soft forest paths. Machine operators benefit from additional safety and excellent comfort on the move.

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Driftsvægt 38.0 t
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Henrik Hansen

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