Arguably some of the toughest in the world, the Mecalac range of compact Tandem Rollers are designed for the rigorous demands of the Plant Hire industry. With an 800mm drum the TV800 is the smallest in the range of tandem drum rollers, perfect  for small jobsites. Optional hydraulic breaker outlet provides 30L/min flow rate (Category 2), removing the need for an additional powerpack or compressor on site, further increasing the versatility of this compact model.


Total operating weight 1568 kg (3,457 lb)
Overall width 970 mm (3’2”)
Overall Length 1860 mm (6’1”)
Turning circle 5740 mm (18’99”)
Travel speed 8,7 km/h (48.7 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp) 17,5 kW (23 hp)
Drum width 900 mm (2’11”)
Centrifugal force 1000/1250 daN (2,248/2,810 lbf)
Frequency 46/52 Hz (2,760/3,120 VPM)
Static linear Load 8,7 kg/cm (48.7 lb/inch)
Amplitude 0,5 mm (0’019”)


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