Butt end reducer reduce operating malfunctions

The machine mills unevenness at round wood sections like butt ends and bulges and the logs are reduced to a certain diameter. When there are no more outgrowth at the logs , the material flow will be more steadily and there are less disruptions in the processing.

Butt reducer WRP-STAR

The round reducing is the precondition for a ful automatic line for ex. a chipping line and other machines. The butt end reducer relieves the debarker.

With nearly 20 models Baljer & Zembrod is market leader in Europe in this segment from the low cost standing appliance WRT-SSB to the fast high performance reducer on the log yard, WRP-STAR Example for various types WRP-QLS WRP-SB WRP STAR WRP-K WRT-SSB WRP-UF


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