Fuchs MHL 365

Getting to grips: With a 52-tonne operating weight, the loading set-up comprises a 2.5 m3 Arden timber grab on a straight boom with a 16.5 metre working radius.

Exceptional stability and load capacity: A robust structure and oversize undercarriage make for safe and speedy work, even with the heaviest loads.

Reliability: Work attachment oil filters fitted to the superstructure prevent dirt particles from entering the hydraulics and damaging the pump, even with frequent work attachment changes.

Staying comfortable and alert: An ergonomic driver’s seat, userfriendly controls arrangement and a clear plain-text display allow fatigue-free work, even on long days in the cab.

With a view to safety: The cab can be raised and moved forward, providing the operator with a perfect overview of his working area, whether loading, unloading or towing.

Down with down-time: Each component is designed for the longest possible service interval, reducing maintenance downtime to a minimum.

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Motorkraft 186 kW
Læsseudstyr Op til 16.5 m
Driftsvægt Op til 52 t
Kontaktperson1 hos Kiesel


Henrik Hansen

+45 40 20 78 72
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