MSS 1000 E

Motorkraft 15 kW
Vægt 9 t

Through an induction sorting system stainless steel is sorted out using metal sensors.

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MSS 150 DK

Motorkraft 75 kW
Vægt 18 t

Effective subsequent processing of the shredded end product.

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Motorkraft 25 kW
Vægt 13 t

Quick and precise separation.

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Træ forarbejdningsanlæg

The waste wood is processed for the further use with a customized HAMMEL wood recycling plant.

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Affald forarbejdningsanlæg

Waste of any kind or origin is now a valuable resource.

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Metal forarbejdningsanlæg

Following is a precise separation of magnetic (ferrous) metals and non-magnetic (non-ferrous) material.

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